Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Car PC Goals

Here are the requirements for my project.  For each item, I list it's priority (low,medium,high) and if it is manditory or optional to the finished project.

  • In dash touch screen (high)(manditory)
  • mini-itx form factor PC (high)(manditory)
  • low power consumption (high)(manditory)
  • Sirius Sat. radio control (high)(manditory)
  • Playback all common audio/video formats MP3,Divx,h264,etc (high)(manditory)
  • Large storage capacity >=250GB (high)(manditory)
  • GPS navigation (high)(manditory)
  • AM/FM radio (low)(optional)
  • Analog/Digital TV tuner (low)(optional)
  • Bluetooth hands free (medium)(optional)
  • Bluetooth keyboard/mouse (high)(manditory)
  • Rearview camera (low)(optional)
  • Wifi (high)(optional)
  • DVD playback (low)(optional)
  • Ipod control (low)(optional)
  • Clean professional install (low)(manditory)

I think that is about it for now.  Here are some examples of the sort of thing I'm working towards.

In that video, it's a car PC running Windows XP with the Road Runner front end.  I haven't looked into the front end enough yet, but Road Runner looks nice, is highly customizable and is under constant development.

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