Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Case: Mo-Co-So 4th Gen Mini ITX

The biggest concerns with choosing the right case for a car PC are as follows:
  • Fits a mini-itx motherboard
  • Compatible with your power supply
  • Fairly durable

Probably most any mini-itx case would work fine as long as it has a spot to mount the power supply, but I narrowed my search to cases designed specificaly for car PC's.

The case that stands out to me to be the best choice is from a company called Mo-Co-So.  The 4th gen Mini ITX case is compatible with popular DC-DC power supplies (specifically the M2-ATX) and has built in RCA audio output jacks located away from the power supply to help reduce electricaly interference.  It can take 1 slimDVD drive and 1 2.5" HD.  I had considered also the VoomPC-2 case, however, I've read that the RCA output jacks are too close to the power supply and cause too much electrical interference.  And that's actually in the product description!

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