Saturday, July 4, 2009

Power Supply: M2-ATX

Powering a computer that is intended to run off your 12V battery in your car requires a different type of power supply than the one you would use in your home computer. Computers use DC power and home computers use an AC-DC power supply to convert from your AC home outlets. Since your car uses DC power already, no need to convert. So for a car PC you need a DC-DC power supply. Since this is a very specialized computer that doesn't have the same power requirements as your home pc, you don't need as much power to run it.
After reviewing the various options out there for DC-DC power supplies, it looks like the M2-ATX is a good choice for my project.

  • NEW 160 watts output
  • Ideal car Power supply for operating low power P4, P4-M, Celeron, AMD systems
  • ATX, 6-24V wide input range (not for boats) see m2-atxHVand technical reasons.
  • Intelligent shutdown controller
  • ON/OFF motherboard control
  • Survives vehicle engine cranks
  • Battery deep discharge prevention
  • High efficiency, 160 watts output
  • "Anti-Thump" Amplifier remote control
  • 15A automotive fuse (mini-blade)
  • VIA, P4 and AMD CPU support

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